Friday, October 7, 2016

Sailor Moon Official Fan Club membership now open!

Attention Sailor Moon fans! Big news: The Official Sailor Moon Fanclub membership is now available outside of Japan for the first time ever! Bandai has partnered up with retailer Tokyo Otaku Mode to finally offer membership to those of us not living in Japan, so if you’ve ever wanted to become a card-carrying member of the official fan club, now you can!

For a fee, you get a membership card, a limited edition lip gloss that looks like Usagi’s manga/SMC broach, access to exclusive content on the official Japanese Sailor Moon app, an exclusive digital newsletter, and the ability to purchase exclusive Sailor Moon items!

For more info and to purchase, just go to Tokyo Otaku Mode and click the big Sailor Moon Fanclub Banner on the front page! They’re only accepting a limited amount of members, so once they’re sold out, you’ll have to wait til next sign up!

Never shopped at Tokyo Otaku Mode? Remember: You can get a $5 credit just by making an account with my referral link!

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