Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast - Ep 47


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Happy New Year! (Hey, it’s still January!) The first ep of 2017 is here! I’m joined by my friend Tricia (aka boobly) to watch Sailor Moon R: The Movie as it was shown in US theaters, then wax nostalgic about it & the brand new Viz dub. Listen as we discuss what we did (and didn’t) like about this new English version, go on tangents about voice actors, and how a movie made by Ikuhara 24 years ago is still one of our top favorite Sailor Moon things to date.

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  1. The new official translation of sailor senshi to Sailor guardians was because of the title of the Toei Live action tv series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and as part of the promotion the manga was reprinted and revised and the references to Senshi was swapped for guardian to match the Toku series. Ironically since the live action was done by the super sentai filming unit they reused tons of old sentai props including having sailor moon fight putty patrollers from MMPR.

    1. I figured that's what happened, but I still find it an odd choice. Esp if the name applies to everything'd be real confusing to call every version of Sailor Moon "Pretty Guardian"! That's one of the reasons I tend to stick with the old names xD