Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast - Ep 57

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Before Social Media, before AOL Chatrooms, and even before Geocities Fansites, hundreds of anime fans socialized the old fashioned way: through snail mail! The hayday of anime penpalling is long forgotten, but my long-time friend Mayra is here to recollect how we first met over 20 years ago via penpalling & how it used to be a huge part of how we connected with fans. How’d it all happen? What kind of things did we talk about? Take a break from your Thanksgiving festivities and take a listen as we reminisce on this nearly forgotten pocket of fandom history!

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Bonus photos!
Just a few of the anime stampers I own that we talked about in this episode:

An actual Friendship book I still have from the late 90s! (Obviously, personal info has been blocked out.) Click here for more info on Friendship Books.

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  1. wooow, this episode really gave me some 90s flashbacks!!
    I've never had pen-and-paper penpals, but did have email/AOL kind instead
    and still have a ginormous Shampoo (from Ranma1/2) poster that a penpal sent me back then. It's a gorgeous thing, on heavy paper, printed in Italy?