Friday, March 22, 2019

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast - ep 73: Toei's The Little Mermaid with guest Salvatore

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Disney recently re-released a brand new blu-ray of The Little what better time to talk about Toei’s 1975 anime adaptation? With me is one of the internet’s leading Mermaid Scholars™ , Salvatore (aka @retrosofa!) to talk about this hidden gem of 70s anime. Listen as we discuss how Disney was inspired by Toei (and vice-versa), the movie’s connection to both Go Nagai AND Sailor Moon, and just what makes this adaptation of the classic fairy tale so special.

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  1. Love the podcast cast I definitely need to checkout this version of the Little Mermaid. I do enjoy some bright and colorful 70s anime. Was the "other anime gnome" you two were talking about "Little Memole"? It was named Wee Wendy in the USA.

    1. Than you! The one I was trying to remember in the episode was Belfy & Lillibit, known as The Lil Bits in the English version, but Wee Wendy was def another one! There was a small boom of "little gnome anime" for a while, it seems, lol!