Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast - ep 93: 10 Older Manga Recommendations with MinovskyArticle

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It’s Thanksgiving time in the USA, and with more of us opting to stay home, many of you probably want to get cozy with some manga to read--so what better time to recruit returning guest Casey (aka MinovskyArticle) to gush about some of our favorite older manga titles? Officially we have a list of 10, but we give out WAY more than that once you count our tangents and honorable mentions. So grab a warm drink, maybe a snack, and get comfy with this extra long manga-centric podcast episode!

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  1. Good episode! I actually have Katsuhiro Otomo's MEMORIES in English. Marvel/Epic released it as a one-shot comic book in the U.S., similar to how they did FAREWELL TO WEAPONS (also by Otomo). I believe it was colored by Steve Oliff, who had worked on Otomo's AKIRA.

    Also, this episode reminded me about FRANKEN FRAN, which I had intended to pick up but somehow forgot about. Apparently, it's out of print and going for big bucks now! Oops. (Note: It looks like FRANKEN FRAN is at least available digitally.)

    It's a shame that so many older manga are out of print and difficult to acquire. One title that I'd like to see brought back is Kenichi Sonoda's GUNSMITH CATS. Although I own the thick omnibuses Dark Horse published years ago, it's kind of a bummer that this title is currently out of print.

  2. Yeah, sadly Franken Fran slipped into OOP status a lot faster than I thought it would. Now, even more like Black Jack, it's also digital only...the similarities continue!

    YES, I'd love to see Gunsmith Cats come back into print as well. Makes me wonder if Dark Horse's license of it finally lapsed after all these years? If so, that's a real shame.