Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast - ep 94: 2020 Year In Review with Zee

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2020 is finally almost over! So you know what that means–that’s right, it’s the Year in Review! And much like Krampus, Zee is back to help discuss the results of my annual year-end survey as filled out by you, the listeners! What older anime titles were you excited to buy (sometimes again) this year, and what titles are you looking forward to coming out in 2021? We also talk about all the memorable news stories from throughout this long, endless garbage fire of a year (though if you are utterly exhausted from hearing about 2020 news things, once you get around the time stamp 2:02:49, you can skip to right around the 3:36:56 mark!) I should note that, due to the year 2020 being ABSOLUTELY cursed, my original audio for this ep didn’t turn out great, so I was forced to fall back on my basic Skype recording, ON TOP OF the fact that the survey results got a little borked. So apologies that this episode is far from perfect, but hopefully it’ll still give you some laughs as we try our best to cast out the demons of this wild ride of a year in this extra long episode (with some bonus bloopers after the ending theme! Happy holidays!!)

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☆ Buy the top 3 (as voted by my listeners) older anime releases from 2020!☆

  1. Patlabor Special Edition Bluray
  2. Armored Trooper VOTOMS Complete Bluray
  3. Akira Limited Edition 4K/HDR 2K Bluray set

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Big thanks to Viz Media, Rightstuf, and Nozomi Entertainment, Seven Seas, and Tiger Lab Vinyl for donating amazing prizes this year! So many, I couldn’t even fit them all in one photo! Congrats to all the winners!


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