Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Anime Nostaliga Podcast - Ep 61

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Over the years, many people have seen the infamous Miami Mike screencap. But what’s the story behind it? After all this time, we’ll finally have some answers! Join me & my guest Pat, former co-worker of Miami Mike, as I explain how I found him and interview him about his now infamous boss. Learn about how anime stores worked in the 90s, being a fan back when anime wasn’t as accessible, and the answer to the question, “Just what DID he do at DragonCon?”

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  1. thank you for this incredible service to anime kind!

  2. this is exactly what i followed you on twitter for

  3. this one is for the (anime) history books

  4. I came across this story on a FB post, which then lead me to this podcast. What a weird coincidence! I knew Mike and Pat and use to shop at their store back in the 90s. It was great to hear Pat's voice again! Pat was always a great guy and our fledgling FIU anime club (est. 1997) used to get support from them and another anime club. There store was across from our university.

  5. For those interested in ctenosaur's side of the story:

  6. I remember you Pat! I was there during 00-04, a broke high schooler staring at everything over and over waiting for my friends to buy tapes we'd share right after. No one cared about legit subbing; that was it, there was no other source or store we knew about. We barely had cars, some of us didn't even have personal internet still.

    I wish you were let to talk more. Nothing personal Usamimi, but every time the story was gonna get good, felt like too many interruptions. I wanted to find out more about Pat's personal thoughts. This is super nostalgia for me so I appreciate you hunting him down.

  7. Speaking of ADV, a few of founders talk about their fan subbing days on the devil hunter yohko DVD.