Ways YOU can support The Anime Nostalgia Podcast!

If you enjoy all of the work I do making The Anime Nostalgia Podcast (as well as the Podcast's Tumblr blog), you can show your thanks by supporting me in various ways!

You can leave me a tip of buying me a "coffee" via Ko-fi.com! This way is the most direct--you can send me actual money via this site that I'll use towards podcast-related materials. Bonus: if you buy me 2 virtual coffees, I'll include your name in a special thank you segment in an upcoming podcast episode!
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If you like shopping for anime, manga, and related merchandise, you can click on my affiliate links to The Crunchyroll StoreAmazon, Bookshop.org, and/or CD Japan! I get a tiny bit of credit for every order you do, which I save up to use for podcast-related materials.

Want to get some cool merch with the podcast's logo or other designs I've created? Check out my Teepublic Shop here! I get a small percentage of every sale made!

You can also support the podcast for absolutely free by leaving the podcast a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, wherever you listen to podcasts; or just sharing it with whoever you think might enjoy listening to it! You can also leave comments on posts here, or email me at AnimeNostalgiaPodcast@gmail.com and send me any thoughts, comments, or thanks you may have! I always like getting emails!

Thank you so much for your continued support! It really means a lot to me 💖

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