Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast - ep 78: Akira Talk with Vrai

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The Saturday Anime series continues with one of the most iconic anime (and manga) to ever be made: AKIRA! And with me to talk a bit about this massively influential franchise is new guest to the show Vrai Kaiser (they/them). Even with 2 hours to chat about Akira, we only manage to touch the tip of the iceberg on what makes this Katsuhiro Otomo classic so special. Listen as we discuss how we first saw this film far too young, how it appealed to more folks than just your typical anime fans, and why this 80s creation is a little too prophetic on how life in 2019 ended up being. Also in this episode: the premiere of my brand new opening theme!.....that you don’t hear until the end. (Whoops.)

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  1. I credit you with my having purchased the large box That I have just unpacked from a larger box.
    The Akira box set is now going to have a place next to my manga shelves.