Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast - ep 98: The Vision of Escaflowne 25th Anniversary Talk with NewTypeLady

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April 2nd, 2021 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Fantasy Mecha series The Vision of Escaflowne! And to celebrate this milestone, I've called up NewTypeLady from another world to talk all about it with me! Even with an extra long run time for the occasion, we only really touch the tip of the iceberg on just what makes Escaflowne so special, but we give it all we got! Listen as we recount the series' very interesting production history, the great characters that make up this beloved show, and why we think that you should still check out this "isekai" anime all these years later. And for those who already know and love the series, at around the 1:20:13 mark, we go FULL SPOILERS and briefly talk about some of the more interesting spoilery aspects of the series, including how I can never seem to pronounce "Guymelf" correctly, extremely 90s-era anime boyfriends, and lamenting how they don't make messy villains that chew up the scenery like they used to. All this and listener questions, too!

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  1. Hello! Loved the podcast - made me go rewatch Escaflowne right away(powered through half the series in a day!). But I was very sad not enough Vaan Love. It was rather Allen sided ;) and now that I watched it in my teens and now almost 40. I still am Team Van ! Maybe just a little more of Vaans good qualities. Like how we Always worries avout Hitomi. They make a great team - he brought her back to life. - he even tried to warn her about going up to the top of the castle the one night she was pinning for Allen. He was always there for her. Even when he was being a stubborn prince/king. Just wanted to toss a little Vaan love and they why he’s not too crappy. ;). Keep up the magic! Can’t wait more more good episodes.make me go and rewatch my collection!