Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast ep 09

2013 is coming to a close. So join me and special guest Zee of the Armchair Fandomologists Podcast as we talk about some of the notable releases and re-releases of older anime that came out this year and got announced for next year! Some good, some bad, and some titles that were just hilariously weird. We obviously couldn't cover them all, but we tried to cram in as much as humanly possible, just for your holiday enjoyment. Special thanks to Nitro for making my intro music festive for the occasion!

Stream the episode above or [Direct Download]

I sadly had to cut out the bits where I mentioned notable manga releases just because we were already running pretty long, so have a list instead!

Some notable older manga titles that came out/where announced in 2013:

As always, feel free to give me your thoughts and comments on this and for future episodes! Thanks for listening and have a safe and fun holiday!

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