Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Anime Nostalgia Podcast - ep 89: Whisper of the Heart 25th Anniversary with Nitro

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25 years ago today, Studio Ghibli gave us Yoshifumi Kondo's first (and sadly, only) directorial debut film: Whisper of the Heart! And with Studio Ghibli's movie catalog finally streaming on various online platforms around the world, what better time to revisit this beautiful love letter to art and the creative process? With me to gush for several hours about just how much I adore this movie is returning champ Nitro of MDiskPlaylist! Listen as we discuss why Shizuku is one of the most relatable Ghibli heroines for us personally, how it's filled with whimsical Ghibli magic regardless of it's seemingly more down-to-earth story, and just rambling incoherently in general about how much we love it. All this, singing, and answering your listener questions, too!

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