Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Introducing "Codename: RetRo"

 Today is Anime Nostalgia Podcast's 8th birthday! And to celebrate, I'd like to share something I've wanted to do for years and finally got around to finishing:

Introducing the podcast’s official mascot characters, Ret & Ro! Twin Androids sent from the far-off future of 199×, their mission is to spread the love & knowledge of anime & fandom history to the entire galaxy! 

I’d been wanting to make some mascot characters for the podcast for years, but initially I struggled with the concept (and having the time to just sit down and do it). However, over the past year I put more time into it and finally got this prototype together! Eventually I want to do more art with them (maybe even design some stuff with them for the podcast’s Teepublic shop, even!), either by myself or commissioning other artists. But for now, here’s their basic looks!

Also, if you’d like to do fanart of Ret & Ro, please feel free to do so! And since they’re androids and can change their appearances to suit wherever they are, feel free to interpret them in your personal style; whatever race, body type, gender expression you wish! Just be sure to tag or message me so I can see it! I’d be honored to see fanart of something I created.

I hope this is only the beginning for these cute little 80s anime-inspired characters, and I hope you enjoy this little concept I made! Thanks to all who follow me and enjoy my podcast.

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